Principal's Message

At St Michael’s we strive to provide a well - rounded education that assists our students to be young people who will be passionate about learning, compassionate to others and have a strong sense of social direction. We aim to encourage our students to be life-long learners who are curious and critical thinkers with a broad vision for the future.

St Michael’s School's Learning model of pedagogy is influenced and shaped through our school's active participation over a number of years in the Professional Learning Community model following the NSW Education Standards Authority curriculum. At the core of our learning vision is a recognition that we have a focus on learning, a culture of collaboration and focus on results with the view to shaping positive attitudes towards lifelong learning.

Building positive relationships with children, giving them a voice in their own learning and providing them with a rich and engaging learning environment is key to preparing, children successfully for their future. We fundamentally believe that the principles embodied within the Professional Learning Community is equally relevant to all developmental
stages and we seek to apply these principles throughout all classrooms at St Michael’s.

We will be continue to refine our PLC model of pedagogy, updating it in light of our ongoing reflective practices around the Model of Christ Centred Learning Framework.

While we strive to work in partnership with our families, we recognise that parents are the main and prime educators of their children. It is our aim therefore, to strengthen and support you, as parents, in the quality education of your child. It is certainly our privilege to work with you and to share this responsibility of helping your child prepare for the future.

As all children are unique, at St Michael’s we recognise each child has the right to develop their individual talents. Smaller class sizes committed and enthusiastic staff in a learning environment that recognises the needs of the individual enables teachers to revise, teach and extend all students at their own level of need.

St Michael’s aims to provide a strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy with an uninterrupted block of lessons from 9.00am till 12.30pm. This ensures learning is not interrupted by other extracurricular activities, which frequently arise in schools. Consequently, well planned Literacy and Numeracy programs are implemented thoroughly. St Michael’s uses a research and data based approach to identify and address areas of concern in our Literacy and Numeracy program, hence focusing on individualising the learning to students.

St Michael’s offers the chance to belong to a special community. A community that allows us to share in the success of others and offers a very effective pastoral care program for those in need. St Michael’s is small enough to have a personal feel. Children feel valued and know they always have someone to talk to.

I invite you to ‘Come and feel the difference’ and join us on this journey, and become part of the exciting place that is St Michael’s. At St Michael’s we believe that every day is an open day. Please feel free to drop in and check out our great school for yourself.

I look forward to welcoming you to St Michael’s.

Sr Margaret