Our school works to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of all students so that they can achieve at a high level and make a positive contribution to our society. We are therefore committed to:



At St Michaels school, we

  • encompass the spirit of our founders, the Sisters of St Joseph.
  • give witness to Gospel Values, Catholic Beliefs and Traditions recognising Christ as teacher and friend who is present in our lives.
  • encourage justice, tolerance and reconciliation;
  • celebrate as a community.


At St Michaels school, we

  • respect and support family life and acknowledge parents as the foremost educators of their children.
  • are committed to quality and dynamic teaching and learning practices.
  • create a learning environment, which provides for the unique needs of each student, encouraging them to reach their full potential in all aspects of life.
  • develop teaching and learning through the establishment of positive relationships.


At St Michaels School, we

  • are effective and contributing members of the wider community through seeing its needs and taking action
  • build a foundation for lifelong learning
  • respect each other, our surroundings and ourselves
  • provide a secure environment that ensures the safety and wellbeing of all.

"Never see a need, without trying to remedy it."

Julian Tension Woods "A Book of Instructions for the Sisters of St Joseph" 1870