A Century of Education


St Michael's School holds a rich and significant history that dates back to 1921, when it was founded by three dedicated Sisters of St Joseph. Initially, the school was operated out of the convent, serving as a place of learning and development for the children of Dunedoo.

As the years went by, the school experienced a surge in its student population, which led to overcrowding. Recognising the need for expansion, plans were set in 1960 to construct a new building. This project was made possible through generous donations from parishioners and members of the Dunedoo community, reflecting their ongoing support and commitment towards their community's education.

The new school was officially opened in 1961 by Cardinal Gilroy, who commended the invaluable services of the sisters. As the school continued to grow, further expansions were carried out in 1982 and 1995, backed by state government grants.

Today, St Michael's School continues to flourish, boasting modern learning facilities, engaging outdoor playground and play equipment. The school enjoys consistent support from the town and parish community, evident in the annual sports days, working bees, special celebrations, and contributions to day-to-day operations. This ongoing partnership between the school and the community is a testament to St Michael's School's enduring legacy and commitment to providing quality education.