St Michael's provides a friendly and caring atmosphere for our children and as a parent it is a pleasure to see them happy at school every day.

The staff at St Michaels go above and beyond their requirements to care for, nurture and educate our children. They are very approachable and dedicated to the children's well-being and are an invaluable asset to our school community.

Our P&F strive to keep this going by providing as much support as we can.

The P&F know that building understanding and support between teachers and parents is essential for the overall development of our children. It is only with teachers, students and parents working together that we can create a truly great school, which we believe is the case at St Michaels.

We have a small but devoted P&F committee.  We meet once a month to discuss ways we as parents can improve the learning environment for our kids. We would be thrilled if more parents could come along to meetings and have their say on how funds can be raised, and  just as importantly how the funds should be spent. These decisions can directly affect the learning potential of all students.


The P & F meet on the first Monday of the month in the staff room and everyone is welcome.

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